Your 31-Day Guide To Developing A Profitable Info Product

The Fighter Jet Formula – Maverick’s Fast Track Plan To Your Own Online Business

Do you remember watching Top Gun and thinking that it was the most amazing movie ever?

That’s what white label marketing did for online entrepreneurs, when it first started out.

Then Tom Cruise brought out Top Gun – Maverick and proved he could do better!

Likewise, internet marketing powerhouse Shane Doyle has created a 31 day course¬†called “The Fighter Jet Formula.”¬†

This course teaches you how to develop a profitable info product that you can sell right away.

Shane shows you the four key reasons why utilizing PLR for product creation is so dynamic.

His easy to follow step-by-step process is time proven and can work for everyone.

He lays out the four reasons why product creation is an ideal business:

1. Minimal time investment
2. Low start-up costs
3. Increased profits through PLR
4. Anyone can do it

He takes you by the hand and shows you all the different assets of finding and applying quality PLR to your product creation and how you can snowball all of that into monthly profits big enough to say goodbye to your 9 to 5 job.

And as if that is not enough, he is offering a bonus package worth as much as the initial course.

The Bonuses are worth $295

Bonus #1
Make sales in minutes with The High-Converting Simple Sales Letter Template
Bonus # 2
Build a profitable package by following the simple steps with The Profitable Info Product Checklist
Bonus #3
Get sales and reap the profits with How To Create Jaw Dropping Lead Magnets
Bonus #4
Connect with your audience, get more traffic and enhance your brand with 40 Stunning Ways To Use PLR Content
Bonus # 5
Utilize these 50 Templates You Can Use To Create Info Product Titles that Rocket Your Conversions

This package is on a 7 day launch and is available for a low introductory price. I highly recommend you grab it NOW.
>> Click HERE to gain access <<

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