How to get Traffic to your YouTube Channel

You can get free traffic and a large audience when you post content driven videos on YouTube. Be sure to upload your videos frequently in order for the YouTube algorithm to recommend your videos.

Go to the Search Box and type the Keywords that are related to your niche.

The keywords that people are searching for the most will show up at the top of the Search Box’s list of suggestions.

YouTube will recommend a series of videos that apply to the niche that you want to talk about.
Make the title of your video compelling in order to keep the viewer’s attention.


Choose a title, add descriptions about your video and a thumbnail. A thumbnail is similar to a eBook cover in that it catches the viewer’s attention thereby motivating them to clicking on the button and buying it.

Get a Google AdSense account if you want to make money on YouTube. Viewers should watch at least 4000 hours of your videos in order for you to monetize on them.

Be yourself and allow your viewers to get to know you better by letting your personality shine!

Add a Call to Action at the end of your video.
“Be sure to grab your Freebie here …”

Add a Subscribe button at the bottom of the video’s screen so that your viewers are notified everytime you upload a new video. A subscription will help you monetize your videos because the viewers are more likely to spend more time on your channel.
Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers in order to get noticed.

Embed your video on the blog post of your website.
Connect your YouTube video to your Facebook account too.

So here you have it!

Cheers to YOUR wealth!


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