Blog Posts That Get Engagement

Getting traffic to your website and engaging with your potential customers is a vital factor in any business.

What message do you want to convey to your page viewers? Add your personal touch by writing in your own style, as if you were talking to a friend. You will gain a loyal following by the people who enjoy reading your blog posts.


Write content that is helpful and engaging. Delve deeper into the subject, making it more unique or niche oriented than other people’s posts. Post pictures or stock images that are easy to understand and capture your reader’s attention. Choose the colors, fonts and layout that best represent your service.

Viewers can turn into followers and then buyers if they like what they’re reading. A viewer to your website can end up sharing one of your posts to their own website. This form of advertising can generate more organic traffic to your website and result in more sales.

When new followers come from a reputable, trustworthy and ethical source then that will help your website look more legitimate/serious/credible.

Networking With Fellow Content Creators

Network with fellow marketers by guest posting on their website blogs. Add a hyperlink back to your webpage to get more viewers. You build trust and the reader feels as if they knows you and your brand the more you share information with them.

Also allow them to do the same thing on your website.

Using Web Analytics Tools

Find out more about your website’s performance in order to help you cater to your viewer’s and potential customer’s needs.

There are a plethora of web analytics tools which have different features.

  • An analytics tool tracks who is visiting your website. It can tell which links were opened, if a video was looked at, and if someone had purchased a product. This is called the conversion rate.
  • This tool can also give you information about the country of origin of the visitors to your page .
  • Another function is the amount of time it takes for a website to load a page.
  • It also shows the number of visitors who are viewing your page at any given time.
  • Find out if the visitor is looking at your page from an Adroid, an iPhone, Windows or Mac.
  • It analyzes if the visitor arrived on your website through a search engine or URL search.

The following article will elaborate on the different ways that the Google Analytics tool can optimize your website’s performance.

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